Bleeding Hearts EP

💧🩸For any of you fine folks who have not yet heard the
🥀 💔Bleeding Hearts💔🥀 EP 

Listen at or Youtube / Spotify

💧Nothing In Our Way💧 is my first release as Forest Her Dress ❤️💧
You can also hear my Viola & Vocals playing on the track
✨️Golden Girl ✨️ by Twintwa❤️💧@twintwa

And more Viola & Vocals from me on Pandora Park by @eaglelakeowls ❤️💧

This Ep was completely recorded mixed and mastered by @thatandycole during this years Fireside 🔥🔥🔥✨️✨️✨️
So grateful to have been able to work on this compilation together ✨️✨️✨️

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